2017 Judicial Council Meetings

April 28, 2017

The Judicial Council met in Savannah at the Hyatt Regency Savannah on April 28.
Prominent Savannah attorney Sonny Seiler was recognized by the Judicial Council for his many years of service as an attorney, former State Bar President, and member of the first Judicial Council in 1974. Winners of the statewide coloring and poster contest were voted on and announced.

Law Day Coloring Contest 

Judge Brian Amero, Superior Court, Flint Judicial Circuit, selects three favorite coloring sheets.


Mr. Sonny Selier

Sonny Seiler, right, spoke to the Judicial Council meeting about his time on the Council. Chief Justice P. Harris Hines presented him with a commendation on his legal work as State Bar President, the first Chairman of the Judicial Council, and his storied legal career.


February 24, 2017

The Judicial Council met in Atlanta at the Sloppy Floyd Building on February 24 for its first meeting of 2017. Presiding Justice Harold Melton, Judge Courtney Johnson, and Judge Kathy Palmer were administered the Council’s oath as its newest members.

Mr. Carey Miller, Office of the Governor, and Mr. Joe Hood, Department of Community Health, spoke to the Council regarding the criminal justice e-filing initiative being led by the Governor’s Office.


Committee Reports

Presiding Justice Melton

Presiding Justice Melton (left) reported on behalf of the Policy and Legislative Committee and the Budget Committee.  Judge Allen Wigington reported that the Strategic Plan Committee has transitioned to an online format. Ms. Karlise Grier, reporting for the Access, Fairness, Public Trust and Confidence Committee, presented the newly updated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Handbook.

Justice Michael Boggs updated the membership on the work of the Criminal Justice Reform Council.


JC/AOC Report

Cynthia Clanton, Director, Judicial Council/Administrative Office of the Courts, began her report by recognizing the investiture of the Chief Justice and the Presiding Justice and spoke to the State of the Judiciary address, which was delivered by Chief Justice Hines on January 25. She noted her visit to Judge Kristina Blum’s court in December and spoke to the recent visit of a State of Georgia delegation of judges to the Republic of Georgia to train judges on how to conduct jury trials. Ms. Clanton reported on the recent work of the agency in support of the Judicial Council, including the expanded Tax Refund Intercept Program, participation in the criminal justice e-filing initiative, the start of the annual case count process, and the legislative and budget processes.

She recognized the many partnerships between the agency and other entities, including the National Center for State Courts, the Judicial Qualifications Commission, the Institute of Continuing Judicial Education, the Georgia Public Defender Council, and the State Bar of Georgia.


Judicial Council February Meeting




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