2018 Legislative Session wrap-up

By Tracy Mason, Assistant Director, Governmental and Trial Court Liaision

Georgia Capitol BuildingThe 2018 session of the General Assembly began on Monday, January 9 and adjourned sine die on Thursday, March 29. Over the course of 40 legislative days, many bills of interest to the judiciary moved through the process, with some reaching final passage. The Governor has 40 days to sign or veto legislation (otherwise, a bill automatically becomes law after that deadline), which will fall on Tuesday, May 8.

Several bills supported by the Judicial Council achieved final passage and are waiting for the Governor’s signature:

HB 571 - Magistrates Retirement Fund; member in arrears for dues payments for 90 days shall be suspended; provisions

HB 571 amends Chapter 25 of Title 47 of the OCGA to make changes regarding eligibility and provide options for survivor’s benefits to the Magistrates Retirement Fund.

SB 436 - Probate Courts; general provisions; change and modernize

SB 436 amends Chapter 9 of Title 15 of the OCGA to make general technical changes to the probate courts statutes.

SB 407 - Criminal Justice System; comprehensive reform for offenders; provide

SB 407 provides for recommendations made by the Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform. It includes provisions related to misdemeanor bail reform and criminal e-filing and data exchange. SB 407 also includes language from HB 15, requiring civil e-filing in superior and state courts.

HB 654 - Child support; reforms recommended by the Ga. Child Support Commission; enact (b/w/o SB 427)

HB 654 amends OCGA § 19-6-15 to make discretionary, rather than mandatory, multiple worksheets in cases with more than one child where one child may become ineligible for support over the next two years. HB 654 achieved passage as part of SB 427.

To view more legislation pertaining to the judiciary, as well as bill summaries and legislative reports, please visit legislation.georgiacourts.gov. A full report on this year’s enacted legislation will be published after the signing deadline at http://enactedlegislation.georgiacourts.gov/. To review the Governor’s bill signings, http://gov.georgia.gov/legislation/2018.



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