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The Carl Vinson Institute recently undertook a study of the Economic impact of Georgia’s Accountability Courts. To see more information, click here.

accountability court boxIn 2015, the General Assembly created the Council of Accountability Court Judges (CACJ), leading to increased statewide collaboration among courts. The purpose of the Council is to effectively carry forth the constitutional by-laws and legislative responsibility to improve accountability courts and their quality through the expertise of judges. Another purpose and focus will be to establish standards and practices for all Accountability Court divisions based on the National Drug Court Institute and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration with a state goal of reducing recidivism of offenders with drug abuse problems. Further still, the CACJ strives to make accountability courts work for all Georgians by providing a unified framework that promotes and improves the quality, accessibility and administration of accountability courts. CACJ membership consists of judges who preside over Drug Court, Mental Health Court, Veterans Treatment Court, DUI Court, and Family Treatment Court divisions.

Here, though, is the highest value of the accountability courts:

“I was originally supposed to go to prison on this sentence, so I fought to get the Mental Health Court.  Going to prison just teaches you more how to be a criminal, and I’m not a criminal. Mental Health Court has given me another chance at life.

Family Treatment Court has helped me change my life.  I have almost 10 months clean, a good job, got out of my domestic violence relationship, and am in the process of getting my daughter back.  I am happy and living a real life.”

Drug Court has given me a second chance at life and allowed me to learn the tools to stay sober.  I now live a normal life, not just for myself, but also for my children, parents and siblings.  They feel like Drug Court has helped them to get their son and brother back.  If it wasn’t for the program, there is no telling where I would be.  Thank you for holding me accountable for all my actions.”


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