After Hours: Judge Vincent Crawford

As told to Michelle Barclay

Judge Vincent Crawford“The first bodybuilding show was in 1990 in Augusta Georgia. I was an Assistant District Attorney at the time with the Augusta Judicial Circuit. I would go on to do several local shows in Augusta and the metro Atlanta area until my final show in 2004 which was the NPC Georgia Bodybuilding Championships. I enjoyed the sport and in 2006 took the test to become a Judge for the National Physique Committee (NPC). In 2008 I would become and currently serve as the Head Judge and Vice Chairman for the NPC Georgia District. In 2014 I was promoted by the International Federation of Bodybuilding Pro League (IFBB) President Jim Manion to the position of IFBB Judge.  When ask by one of the bodybuilding judges why do you do this? “It is my time to get away on the weekend and do something I really enjoy and totally unrelated to my job”





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