AOC Director Receives Award from the National Center for State Courts

The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) has awarded Marla S. Moore, AOC Director, with its 2012 Distinguished Service Award.   The Distinguished Service Award, one of the highest NCSC awards, is presented annually to those who have made significant contributions to the justice system and who have supported the mission of the NCSC.
Mary McQueen, NCSC President, presented the award to Ms. Moore on June 14, 2013, in Atlanta.  Ms. McQueen recognized Moore’s role as a driving force to ensure equal judicial access for vulnerable populations in Georgia and nationally.  The NCSC Board of Directors selected Ms. Moore based on her ability to bring people together as evidenced by her work with language access and jury reform, as well as the introduction of performance measures and transparency at the AOC.
Upon accepting the award, Ms. Moore noted the close ties that the AOC of Georgia has with the Nationaltal Center for State Courts through the years.  She recounted some of her early work with access and fairness, staffing the Commission on Gender Bias in 1989 that led to the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Bias.  Later she was involved with the Sexual Assault State-wide Task Force and Family Violence Commission.  Judicial education and court administration have always been important to Ms. Moore.  She expressed her pride in having been involved in the creation of the Georgia Council of Court Administrators (GCCA). GCCA trains clerks, court administrators, program coordinators in what it takes to be court administrators. 
Chief Justice Carol W. Hunstein, Supreme Court of Georgia, said of Ms. Moore that no matter what task you give her, she’s going to do it and do it well.  Since taking the reins of the AOC, the Chief Justice said, “Marla has made it clear that the AOC represents every class of court in this state.”


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