The AOC Portal: What Can It Do For You?

altHave you heard of “the Portal”? Not some video game or gateway to outer space, the AOC Portal is the dynamic, user-friendly interface that the AOC’s Information Technology Division (IT) created to facilitate data exchange between our customers and the AOC.

Envisioned by Mr. Jorge Basto, IT Division Director, the Portal is a tool that increases efficient and accurate communication among judges, clerks, and the AOC.
    “We are a people business and the Portal is a tool to keep us more in tune with our customers,” said Mr. Basto. “We are gathering information already collected and stored by our agency, clerks, and judges and transforming it into a usable, electronic, 24/7 tool.” The Portal is one way for the AOC to become more customer focused. “Customer relationship management is not an option in the corporate world; it is essential. The Portal will help us better serve our judges and clerks,” said Mr. Basto.

Portal Beginnings
    The Portal is still in its infancy.
In 2010, the AOC Communications section began using the Portal to collect information from judges, clerks, court administrators, and other court personnel for use in updating the Georgia Courts Directory. Directory Verification Postcards were again used in conjunction with the Portal in 2011; however, in coming years, the AOC hopes to go digital with the entire verification process.
    The Portal is not only used for the Directory. The Research section of the AOC is now encouraging clerks to submit their case counts to the AOC through the Portal. Mr. Basto discussed the benefits, “Instead of traveling across Georgia to count cases, Research staff now logs in to SSCIS (State and Superior Court Information System) and retrieves the most up-to-date information whenever they need it.”
    In 2010, 480 users registered with the Portal. So far this year, 619 users have registered.

Upcoming Ventures for the Portal
    In the future, the AOC plans to use the portal as a self-service, dynamic information site. For 2012, the AOC looks to add many helpful features to the Portal including: continuing education credit information from ICJE, regulatory directories for certified court interpreters and court reporters, an online Courts Directory, and a news feed about the Georgia judiciary. The Portal will also allow AOC staff to quickly compile relevant information about every circuit in Georgia with the click of a button.
    The AOC is currently working on enhancements such as Portal personalization, aesthetic changes, and performance. “The idea is for the Portal to become a customized site for judges and clerks, somewhat like a personalized Yahoo! homepage. We want to get to you the information you want in the most efficient manner.” We hope you will join us on the Portal!

How Does the Portal Work?
    Portal registration is based on the E-mail addresses the AOC has in its database. If you cannot register because the AOC database does not have your current or correct E-mail address, contact us at 404-656-5171 or

1. Register at:  
Type in your e-mail address; an E-mail will be sent to you enabling you to start the registration process.

2. Once you have logged-in to the Portal, check your information. Depending on your role, you can view caseload data and/or verify your contact and personal information. If you have multiple roles, be sure to check each role for accuracy.

3. Once you have made a change, your data is changed automatically and the appropriate AOC staff member is notified.

4. Have a question? Click the appropriate e-mail address at the top of the page.


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