Archived video sessions of the Legal Services Corporation’s 2018 Access to Justice Conference titled: Innovations in Technology

Summary by Michael Neuren as told to Michelle Barclay

Michael NeurenTechnology can play a vital role in transforming service delivery so that poor people in the United States may have access to effective assistance for civil legal needs. The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is working with its Technology Initiative Grant program to provide tools to narrow the justice gap. 
In addition to their support of the work of state legal services providers, the LSC publishes reports and makes videos from its conference programs available so technologists, legal aid advocates, judges, lawyers, court personnel, academics and other professionals can share technology projects and tools being implemented across the country and internationally.
Videos and conference materials from many LSC events are available online on LSC's Facebook page, and the LSC website,  Two sessions worth watching are the opening keynote by legal issues blogger, Bob Ambrogi, and the panel on the use of hotlines and call centers from several states.  Michael has notes from watching these sessions and a few more. 

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