#AskGAJudges Law Day 2017

The Judicial Council/Administrative Office of the Courts (@GACourts) is sponsoring #AskGAJudges, a Twitter Town Hall, on May 9, 2017 to celebrate Law Day.  The American Bar Association's theme for Law Day is "The 14th Amendment: Transforming American Democracy."

Judge Stephen Dillard (@JudgeDillard), Judge Carla McMillian (@JudgeCarla),and Judge W. Allen Wigington (@judge_wigington), will spend an hour answering your questions about Georgia courts, what it is like being a judge, and offering general advice for law students and lawyers.

From 10:30 am to 11:30 am on May 9, Judge Dillard, Judge McMillian, and Judge Wigington will engage the Twitterverse for #AskGAJudges.

To keep things moving, the Judicial Council/AOC has created some ground rules and categories of questions that the judges will answer. 


Ground Rules
  1. Be thoughtful in limiting questions to the significance of Law Day, the 14th Amendment, Georgia’s judiciary, or the practice of law.
  2. Questions about cases, legal advice, or partisan politics cannot be answered.
  3. Keep it civil.


Categories of Questions
  1. Judicial Philosophy
  2. Being a judge
    1. Motivation to become lawyer/judge
    2. Appointment/election process
  3. Access and Fairness issues
    1. Diversity on the bench
    2. How do courts use technology to help justice move forward
  4. Lawyers/law students seeking advice
    1. Value of clerking or interning for a judge
    2. Tips on appearing in court
  5. Legal Writing
  6. Significance of Law Day
  7. Impact of 14th Amendment


Stay tuned throughout the day. Some questions that require a bit of research or that are not answered within that hour will still be followed up on as time permits.

Submit a question in advance at http://bit.ly/LawDayAskGAJudges.

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