August Judicial Council Meeting

The Judicial Council met in Atlanta at the Georgian Club on August 9, 2017. Vice Chief Judge Christopher J. McFadden, Judge Stephen Kelley, Judge Bonnie Chessher Oliver, Judge Nancy Bills, Judge Philip Spivey, Judge Glenda Dowling, and Judge Matthew McCord were administered the Council’s oath as its newest members.  Judge LaTisha Dear Jackson was sworn in last week by Chief Justice Hines.

Chief Justice P. Harris Hines and Presiding Justice Harold Melton presented awards to the 2017 Law Day Art Contest winners.

Law Day Coloring Awards

Law Day Coloring Awards

Senior Judge Jim Bodiford reported on a trip to the Republic of Georgia at the request of the U.S. State Department. Rep. Rich Golick spoke to the Judicial Council about legislative issues likely to come up in the 2018 Legislative Session.

Committee Reports
Presiding Justice Melton reported on behalf of the Legislation Committee, Budget Committee, and Technology Committee.  Judge David Emerson reported on behalf of the Judicial Workload Assessment Committee regarding the request of the Cobb Judicial Circuit’s for an additional superior court judgeship.  The Judicial Council approved the request.

The Judicial Council also approved the appointment of three new members to the Board of Court Reporting: Mr. Daniel Gershwin, Mr. John K. Larkins, and Ms. Randi Strumlauf. Judge John K. Edwards, State Court of Lowndes County, was reappointed.

Judicial Council August Meeting

JC/AOC Report
Ms. Clanton reported on the many on going projects with multiple agencies and partners.
• Juvenile Data Exchange (or JDEX) which includes the AOC, the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, the Council of Juvenile Court Judges, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, and the Department of Juvenile Justice.  The purpose is to centralize the juvenile records statewide and to obtain recidivism rates.
• The Court Process Reporting System (CPRS) continues to be supported. Other partners include the Division of Family and Children Services, DJJ and the Department of Education.  CPRS shows the juvenile court how a child in a dependency case is proceeding toward a permanency.
• JC/AOC staff are working on Domestic Violence Mediation Guidelines with the Commission on Dispute Resolution, the Georgia Commission on Family Violence, and the University of Georgia.    
• Council of Accountability Court Judges' data manual and reports - a standard reporting guide that outlines and defines all data points collected and was released in conjunction with an updated reporting mechanism.
• Georgia Child Support Commission, Division of Child Support Services, Parental Accountability Courts Subcommittee, a partnership with the Department of Human Resources.
Ms. Clanton was pleased to announce that JC/AOC researchers were able to achieve nearly 100% of our case count requirement. She also noted that the agency is beginning to explore a new assessment of the AOC, something that hasn’t been done for 10 years.

Promoting Access and Transparency
The Judicial Council hosted a three-judge panel on Promoting Access and Transparency at the conclusion of the meeting. See more here.

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