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It’s Directory Verification time again! For thirty years or more, the AOC has mailed out postcards to update and correct the Georgia Courts Directory.  More recently the AOC Portal has allowed users to view and correct your information directly in the AOC database, saving staff time and the expense of sending postcards to those who have used the Portal.  This year, especially, we encourage you to use the Portal since this will be the final year that Directory postcards are mailed to you. 

Verify your information by May 15, 2012, to avoid a postcard in your mailbox!

Using the Portal is simple.  
Visit register for access to your Directory information, then log in with your username and password. Click the "Profile" button. Update both your Personal Information and Contact Information.
1. Under the "Personal Info" tab, click the "Edit" button to make changes.
Verify your name is displayed correctly and indicate your gender and race. Click the "Save" box.
2. Under the "Contact Info" tab, click the "Edit" button. Make any necessary changes or check the "No Changes Needed" box. Click the "Save" box.

If you have multiple roles (i.e., you serve as a judge of the probate court and as judge on for a municipal court), be sure to verify your information for each role.

By clicking the “No Changes Needed” box, you are indicating your information is correct;  Click the "Save" box.

3.  You must check the “Save” box to ensure your information is updated in the AOC database and the Georgia Courts Directory.
Your name, title, address, phone/fax numbers, and e-mail address will be published in the 2012-2013 Georgia Courts Directory. Any other information is strictly for research purposes and will not be available in any public format.
Email address
The AOC must have an e-mail address for you in our database in order for you to access the Portal. To update your email address, please contact Ann Batchan at
For Portal technical assistance, contact Roger Watson at
Postcards on the way
For those who opt not to use the Portal, you will receive a Directory Verification Postcard through the mail. Follow the simple instructions and return the postage-paid portion of the card. Verify your information by May 15, 2012, to avoid a postcard in your mailbox!  And remember, this is the final year postcards will be mailed!


Contact AOC

Administrative Office of the Courts 244 Washington Street, SW Suite 300 Atlanta, GA  30334

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