Georgia Releases New Online Child Support Calculator

By Patricia K. Buonodono, Director, Georgia Child Support Project

The Georgia Commission on Child Support has released a new online child support calculator, which is available for use on the Commission’s website by selecting the “Georgia Online Child Support Calculator” button. This new calculator does not change the substance of our child support calculations; it follows the Child Support Guidelines instructions set forth at O.C.G.A. § 19-6-15(b) to the letter. It does, however, have some very nice features that are not contained in the older Excel versions of the calculator:

Online Child Support Calculator

Online Child Support Calculator

  • Users will create a user name and password just like with any other website.
  • Users may create an organization so that if an attorney is part of a firm, for example, all members of their organization can see all child support worksheets created by any member of the firm. This feature also works for judicial offices.
  • Users may share worksheets with their clients, or even opposing counsel, through the calculator.
  • Depending on the wishes of the judge, users may make their worksheets available to the court. The calculator provides a Certificate of Service and instructions so that self-represented litigants will know that when they provide their worksheet to the court, they must also file it with the clerk and provide a copy to the opposing party.
  • When users sign up, they can list their level of court and county, and the calculator will fill in that information for each new worksheet created as a default.
  • Income amounts may be entered as hourly, weekly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly or annual amounts; the calculator will convert them to monthly figures.
  • The calculator no longer designates the parents as “mother” and “father.” Instead, it alphabetizes the parents’ names (by first name) so as to remain gender neutral. The alphabetized names are also used as column headings throughout the calculator and worksheets.
  • If a user wants to prepare a second worksheet for the same case (i.e., what if one parent actually earns $XX?), they can simply copy the first worksheet, and then update the worksheet description of the copy to give it a new name. The copy will be saved in the same folder as the original worksheet.
  • The printed version of the online worksheet looks similar to the Excel worksheet, but not exactly the same. Only those parts of the worksheet schedules that are used will be printed. So, for example, if the parents only have wages as their earnings, which go on line 1 of Schedule A, only two lines of data will print for Schedule A – their income and a line showing the total.
  • The calculator has built-in reminders about important information, such as telling users before they leave the worksheet that they must answer the findings of fact questions (B, C and D) posed within the calculator about deviations, which must be fully and specifically answered for each deviation.

While the Excel calculators remain available for the time being, we hope that you will use and enjoy the new Online Child Support Calculator. If we can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact the Child Support Commission staff at also use that address to request to be added to our Child Support List Serv to receive regular announcements and information on the calculators, legislation, and Commission/Committee meetings.

We are planning a Child Support Conference that will include training on use of the online calculator on November 10, 2016. Please make a note on your calendar and we will send out information soon!

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