Judicial Council of Georgia Accountability Court Committee Work Continues

The Judicial Council Accountability Court Committee continues to serve the growing number of accountability courts, their staff, and their needs.  Each year, the Committee and the staff of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) assigned to support this Committee assumes greater responsibility to ensure our state’s accountability courts are moving the indicator forward. 
Building on the development of operating standards and treatment standards for felony drug courts in 2012, the Committee has been busy establishing a timeline and priorities, driven by HB 1176, for the current year.  
Operational standards for juvenile, family dependency treatment, and DUI courts are currently being developed by both a team of dedicated judges supported by AOC staff and should be presented to the Judicial Council for adoption by the end of 2013.  These standards, though in draft stages now, are prepared in accordance with national best practices and have the support of judges.  Additionally, effort is being made to establish the nation’s first ever certification and peer review process to guide the award of state funds for accountability courts.  While many states have a certification process for courts to ensure they are meeting standards, Georgia will be the first to tie this to the receipt of grant funds.  The certification process is being devised now for felony courts, and as standards for other courts are adopted, their certification processes will soon follow.
altBoth the Committee and staff are excited to be in the throes of event planning for the 9th Annual Accountability Court Conference on May 20-22, 2013, at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel.  The theme of this year’s conference is Setting the Standard: Measuring the Work, Marking our Progress, and Making a Difference. Conference logistics, topics, and presentations are being finalized.  For more information on the Accountability Court Committee and its work, please contact Ms. Lateefah Thomas, Accountability Court Program Manager, at lateefah.thomas@gaaoc.usor 404-463-1906.


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