Judicial Council Recommends Six Judgeships


The Judicial Council met twice during the summer months. On July 20, the Council met via teleconference to discuss the results of the 2011 Superior Court Time and Motion Study and new circuit classifications and judge-year values.  Adoption of the recommendations of the Judicial Workload Assessment Committee as reported by Judge David Emerson made the new values effective for the judgeship studies under consideration at the August 26 meeting.

Judgeship Recommendations

At its August 26 meeting in Atlanta, the Judicial Council considered recommendations for new superior court judgeships.  After reviewing caseload data for the requesting circuits, the Council approved the following requests in order of priority:
1.    Bell-Forsyth (3rd judgeship)
2.    Piedmont (4th judgeship)
3.    Middle (3rd judgeship)
4.    Oconee (3rd judgeship)
5.    Western (4th judgeship)
6.    Clayton (4th judgeship)
Other Business

• Adopted budget requests for the amended FY2012 budget and the FY2013 budget.

• Three new members of the Board of Court Reporting were appointed:  Judge Richard Kent, State Court of Colquitt County, Ms. Cheryl Griffin, and Ms. Stacey Folds.

• Rep. Wendall Willard addressed the Council asking for support to amend the Council of Superior Court Judges Rules concerning Process Servers.
• Rep. Rich Golick, Chief Justice Hunstein reported, is seeking Judicial Council support for a House Resolution to provide dedicated funding for the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council.  

• Reports were made on the work of the Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform, Recusal Rules Committee, Commission on Interpreters Rule Amendments, the Proposed Tax Court, and the appellate and trial court councils.

New Members

The Council welcomed the following new members:

Judge David T. Emerson (Superior Court, Douglas Judicial Circuit), President-Elect, Council of Superior Court Judges.

Judge David Darden (State Court of Cobb County), President-Elect, Council of State Court Judges.

Judge A. Gregory Poole (Juvenile Court of Cobb County), President-Elect, Council of Juvenile Court Judges.

Judge Alan Harvey (Magistrate Court of DeKalb County), President-Elect, Council of Magistrate Court Judges.

Judge Rashida Oliver (Municipal Court of East Point), President, Council of Municipal Court Judges.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Judicial Council will be Friday, January 5, 2012, at 1:00 p.m. at the Loew’s Hotel in Atlanta.


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