Meet Tajsha Dekine: AOC's GAJE Expert

Tajsha Dekine is an unlikely IT genius.  Six years ago she was a Special Investigator for the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services.  Now Tajsha runs one of the most successful and vital electronic filing programs in Georgia.

Tajsha DekineTajsha is the Program Manager for the Georgia Judicial Exchange (GAJE).  Georgia is one of the first states to embrace e-fling court documents and GAJE is one of the first e-file systems in the state.  In 2004, the AOC created GAJE to allow local Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) offices to electronically file child support collection cases directly into Superior Courts. The Division of Child Support Services was and still is one of the largest single filer of civil pleadings in the state of Georgia. 

One of GAJE’s goal is to eliminate all paper filings in DCSS child support collection cases, and Tajsha has almost reached that goal.  To date, 150 of Georgia’s 159 counties are using GAJE.  Part of Tajsha’s job is helping the remaining nine counties adopt the system and she’s confident she can make this happen. 

Helping counties adopt GAJE is just one part of Tajsha’s job.  She trains DCSS and Court Clerks on how to use GAJE and helps them navigate the system.  She works with e-filing and cases management vendors to ensure GAJE works properly.  She supervises a specialized team of developers & business analysists to constantly improve GAJE. She manages the budget and all business aspects of GAJE. In short, Tajsha handles every facet of GAJE.  The GAJE stakeholders know her as “The Expert.”

Her intelligence, confidence, empathy, and infectious smile combine to make her the perfect person to run GAJE.  “I love my job.  I love the fact I am able to assist everyone,” explains Tajsha.  Her ability to connect to DCSS staff, court personnel and technology folks ensures the continued success of GAJE.

Tajsha has not always worked in the tech field.  After receiving her B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Houston and her Master’s in Business Administration from Salem International University, Tajsha knew she wanted to work in the justice system.  She considered going to law school but wanted some practical experience.  That is when she joined the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services.  Then she saw the opportunity to work for the AOC.  Tajsha had had always wanted to live in Atlanta so she applied for the job.  We are glad she did.

Tajsha continues to live her dream of working in the justice system.  Law school is no longer in her plans because she’s “fired up about technology” and the important role it plays in the justice system.  She finds the work exhilarating because “technology changes all the time.”

When she’s not working hard for the State of Georgia, you’ll find Tajsha traveling, shopping, and eating out (she’s a Mexican food snob).  She loves history, particularly African American and Women’s history, and often combines her love of history with her love of travel.  On the rare occasions she’s home, she’s probably watching a scary movie.

The Judicial Council/AOC is honored to have Tajsha as part of our team.

by Aimee Maxwell

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