Next Generation Courts Commission

The Next Generation Courts Commission, a State Bar of Georgia commission, has been created to consider what the court system should look like in 20 years and to develop a strategy for implementation, including but not limited to, court structure, technology, funding, caseload management, and judicial selection.

Chief Judge Lawton E. Stephens, Superior Courts, Western Judicial Circuit, is the chair for the 45 member committee.  The committee is composed of judges of all classes of courts, attorneys, clerks of the superior courts, and others. Members will serve three year terms.

The Commission's next meeting is scheduled for January 6, 2012.

 Members include:
Judge Lawton E. Stephens, Chairperson
Judge Louisa Abbot, Superior Court, Eastern Judicial Circuit
Judge Charles Edward Auslander III, Magistrate Court, Clarke County
Judge Diane E. Bessen, State Court of Fulton County
Judge G. Grant Brantley, Senior Judge of the Superior Court
Judge Michael P. Cielinski, Recorders Court of Columbus-Muscogee County
Judge Walter J. Clarke, Probate Court of Gwinnett County
Judge Alec Glenn Dorsey, Chief Magistrate, Wilcox County
Judge Sara L. Doyle, Court of Appeals
Judge John J. Ellington, Court of Appeals
Judge David T. Emerson, Superior Court, Douglas Judicial Circuit
Judge Ronald E. Ginsberg, Senior Judge of the State Court
Judge Lynwood D. Jordan Jr., Probate Court of Forsyth County
Justice Harold D. Melton, Supreme Court
Judge A. Gregory Poole, Juvenile Court, Cobb County
Judge Robert V. Rodatus, Juvenile Court, Gwinnett County
Judge J. Stephen Schuster, Superior Court, Cobb Judicial Circuit
Judge Robin W. Shearer, Juvenile Courts, Western County
Judge Benjamin W. Studdard III, State Court of Henry County
Judge Susan P. Tate, Probate Court of Clarke County
Judge Margaret Gettle Washburn, Municipal Court of Duluth
Judge Brenda S. Weaver, Superior Courts, Appalachian Circuit
Judge Nelly F. Withers, Recorder's Court of DeKalb County

Marla S. Moore, Director, Administrative Office of the Courts
Tee Barnes, Clerk and Court Administrator, Supreme Court
Sandy Lee, Executive Director, Council of Superior Court Judges
Eric John, Executive Director, Council of Juvenile Court Judges
Tracy J. BeMent, District Court Administrator, 10th District
Dena M. Adams, Superior Court Clerk, White County
Bart W. Jackson, Superior Court Clerk, Jones County
Cindy Mason, Superior Court Clerk, Columbia County
Rhonda Payne, Superior Court Clerk, Douglas County
Carolyn V. Sullivan, Superior Court Clerk, Houston County

Stephanie Stuckey Benfield            
Peter Crane Canfield            
Jason James Carter
William Grady Hamrick III
Daniel Barry Hauck
Jeffrey Ray Kuester            
Edward H. Lindsey Jr.
Mary Linda Pierce
Julius A. Powell Jr.
William M. Ragland Jr.
Sarah Marie Shalf
Curt Blackburn Thompson II
Kevin P. Weimer


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