Profile: Judge Trent Brown

Judge Trent Brown  recently joined the Court of Appeals after serving as a superior court judge in the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit. Judge Brown answered some questions about his first few months on the bench of the Court of Appeals of Georgia.


Please tell us a little about your background.  Where did you grow up?  What’s your educational background?

Judge Trent BrownMy early childhood was spent in Tifton, Georgia. My family later moved to Eatonton. I continue to live there with my wife, Jill, and our two children.

I have a degree in economics from the University of Georgia and a law degree from Mercer Law School.

How did your previous job prepare you to serve on the Court of Appeals?

I maintained a general law practice for 12 years and was on the State and Superior Court benches in the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit for a total of 10 years. That experience gives me a perspective on the appellate bench that augments the diverse backgrounds of my esteemed colleagues and staff members at the Georgia Court of Appeals.

What motivated you to study law?

The legal profession allows the potential to provide for a family, the benefit of a constant education, and the satisfaction of serving your community and State.

What are your passions when you are off the bench?

I enjoy cooking and wing-shooting. I also have two young children who are in the process of developing their own passions. I thoroughly enjoy being very involved with them.

What do you enjoy most about being a judge or what is the greatest reward of your job?

I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to serve my community and State in my chosen profession. Delivering closure to parties, when legally appropriate, is an amazing reward.

Who has influenced your career as a judge?

I have been influenced by many incredible judges and attorneys throughout my career. If listened to, trial attorneys are very forthcoming in what they expect from jurists. Within that same reasoning, trial judges expect the same from appellate court judges. They want a fair and impartial appellate judge who gives due deference to the findings produced in their courtroom. Learning from attorneys and judges over the years of my career has influenced me in a way that I value tremendously.

If I have to name just one person, it would be Chief Judge William “Billy” Prior of the Ocmulgee Circuit. He swore me into the State Bar, I appeared as an attorney in his courtroom, and also presided on the bench with him. Judge Prior has greatly influenced my judicial career.

So far what do you feel is the most rewarding part of being a Court of Appeals Judge? Hardest part of the job?

Being a Court of Appeals Judge for the State of Georgia is, in and of itself, very humbling and rewarding. For me, it is the realization of a long-term professional goal.

The hardest parts of the job require early acceptance by any judge ‑ intelligent, reasonable minds will, at times, disagree on the law, and fair application of that law will sometimes cause harm to good people.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

My experience as a trial court judge was very rewarding, and the opportunities afforded to me during that time have been invaluable. The appointment to the Court of Appeals, as I said earlier, was the realization of a long-term goal, and I am extremely humbled in this new path. I will always keep the service to my community in the forefront of my mind during this journey, and I will always be thankful for the opportunity to continue serving the people of the great state of Georgia.


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