Promoting Public Accessibility and Transparency in the Courts

One of the Prioritized Key Initiatives of the Judicial Council's Strategic Planning Committee is to "promote public accessibility and transparency in the courts." The Georgia Courts Journal recently asked judges to discuss how their courts were promoting public accessibility and transparency.


Alcovy Judicial Circuit

The Superior Courts of the Alcovy Judicial Circuit (Newton and Walton Counties) publish all court calendars on the circuit website which links to both county websites. We also provide court related news, juror instructions, contact information for judges' offices and law clerks, and basic forms for pro se litigants. We have have over 150,000 hits per year which confirms the success of this effort to make information about all county courts, not just Superior courts, available to the public.

Judge Samuel D. Ozburn


State Court of Clayton County

Calendars are published on the internet. Community leaders and stakeholders are invited to all Accountability Court graduations. Through a Steering Committee, the Accountability Court Programs partner with key stakeholders:  law enforcement, faith-based community leaders, faculty from Clayton State University and other key court personnel.. The Accountability Court Programs have a social media presence as well.

Judge Linda Cowen


Juvenile Court of Floyd County

The Juvenile Court of Floyd County, GA has a standing policy to allow all those who are statutorily qualified to appear in the Court, whether party or public, and to allow all who are statutorily qualified to access Juvenile Court records to do so under the provisions of O.C.G.A. Sec. 15-11-700 et. seq. and all other collateral statutory permissions.

Judge C. Gregory Price


Magistrate Court of Fulton County

The Magistrate Court of Fulton County continues to improve our website access and usability.

Judge Cassandra Kirk


Magistrate Court of Paulding County

On holidays and for some other specific calendars, we hold court at the jail. For these court sessions, we either open the courtroom or provide closed circuit TV access for the public to watch and if appropriate participate in the proceedings. On holidays, we provide the same access through a closed circuit TV that is stationed in the jail waiting room for the public to view and, if appropriate, be available to participate in a hearing.

Judge Martin Enrique Valbuena, Chief Magistrate


Magistrate Court of Spalding County

Our Court is open to the public for all hearings, except the issuance of Search Warrants. We respond to Open Record Requests immediately and provide same upon request.

Judge Rita Cavanaugh, Chief Magistrate


More ways to Promote Public Access and Transparency

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