State Bar of Georgia Resources for Judges

The State Bar of Georgia has multiple resources to assist busy court professionals.  These resources include the following:


1.     Attorney Membership Information and Disciplinary History: You can determine an attorney’s current status to practice law in Georgia (active/inactive/disciplined) by using the Bar’s online membership directory search feature at  
2.     Judicial District Professionalism Program (JDPP): The JDPP is an informal, private, and voluntary program designed to improve the legal profession and bolster public confidence in the judicial system. The goal of the JDPP is to promote professionalism through increased communication, education, and the informal use of local peer influence to open channels of communication on a voluntary basis.  If you have concerns about the professionalism of an attorney or judge, please call the Consumer Assistance Department of the State Bar at (404) 527-8759 or (800) 334-6865.  You may find information about the program at:
3.     Ethics Complaints Against Attorneys: If you believe that an attorney’s conduct may violate one of the State Bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct (i.e., conflict of interest, breach of confidentiality, failure to account for client funds) you should also call the Consumer Assistance Program at the numbers listed above.  Many times the staff can assist with the resolution of minor matters and will direct attorneys to additional Bar resources such as law practice management advice or impairment and depression counseling services.
A more serious complaint requires the filing of a written grievance.  Grievance forms are available on the Members Only section of the Bar's website or you can request such a form from the Consumer Assistance staff. Please mail the original grievance to the Office of the General Counsel, State Bar of Georgia, 104 Marietta St. NW, Suite 100, Atlanta, Georgia 30303. If you file the grievance yourself, you will be kept apprised of the status of the investigation and of the disposition of the matter.  If you file a grievance in your judicial capacity, please indicate on the form to assistance with the Bar’s record keeping.  
If you do not wish to file a grievance, but want the Bar to investigate possible unethical conduct, please send a letter detailing the relevant facts to the Office of the General Counsel.  The Investigative Panel of the State Bar will be notified of your complaint and make a determination whether to move forward with an investigation.
4.     Ethics Advice: The Office of the General Counsel offers informal, nonbinding ethics advice to members of the Bar through the Ethics Helpline.  The Helpline operates Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, and is staffed by lawyers in the Office of the General Counsel.  Bar members may reach the Helpline at 404-527-8720 or 800-334-6865.


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