System to Unify Licensing Programs in Production

The AOC’s Court Services and Information Technology divisions are developing an online certification and licensing system for court professionals. By unifying the licensing processes for seven groups, this web-based system will replace paper processes, provide a better customer experience, and allow the AOC to realign staff resources. Over the course of the next year and a half, court professionals will be able to apply, upload supporting documents, pay fees, and renew their certifications online. Integrating and unifying the processes of the certification groups within the AOC will allow the agency to evaluate data and monitor changes in certification and licensing patterns over time.

As the AOC develops the online system, the Office of Research, Planning, and Data Analysis will survey the AOC’s certification customers during their renewal periods regarding customer service and the application process. These same court professionals will be surveyed after the system is in place to monitor its effectiveness.  
Certification Groups within the AOC:
·       Magistrate and municipal judges and municipal clerks
·       Court reporters and court reporting firms
·       Interpreters
·       Neutrals
·       Family Violence Intervention Programs
·       County and municipal probation providers
·       Process servers
For more information, please contact Maggie Reeves at 404.463.0350.


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