• On June 10, Judge Michelle Homier, State Court of Cherokee County, was recognized as one of the county’s Top 10 Young Professionals to Watch.  Judge Homier was elected in 2012.
• The Council of Municipal Courts distributed several awards during its meeting in Jekyll Island June 25-27.

Chief Judge Dennis Still (Lawrenceville) received the Frost Ward Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes a judge who has made significant contributions to the Council of Municipal Court Judges over many years.
Recipients of the Special Recognition Award were Judge James T. Johnson (Jasper); Judge Hammond Law (Gainesville); and Judge Timothy McCreary (Temple). The Special Recognition Award honors innovative or deserving municipal courts or judges.
Judge Gary E. Jackson (Atlanta) received the President’s Award for his activities during the 2014 General Assembly. The Council also acknowledged several legislators for their support during the 2014 Session: Rep. Mark Hamilton (R-24), Rep. Barry Fleming (R-121), and Sen. Hunter Hill (R-6).

• The Judicial Qualifications Commission was honored by the Georgia First Amendment Foundation at its Justice Weltner Freedom of Information Banquet on June 26, 2014.  The annual Weltner Freedom of Information Banquet honors the Georgian who has done the most for freedom of information. It is named for the former chief justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia who championed F.O.I. and ethics in state government. Justice Charles L. Weltner served on the Supreme Court bench from 1981-1992. 
• On July 15, 2014, Judge Peggy Walker, Juvenile Court, Douglas Judicial Circuit, was sworn-in as President of the National Council for Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ).  Presiding Justice P. Harris Hines travelled to Chicago to administer the oath.
• Ms. Jana J. Edmondson-Cooper, a board member of the Supreme Court of Georgia Commission on Interpreters, has been named to Lawyers of Color’s Second Annual Hot List, which recognizes early-to mid-career minority attorneys excelling in the legal profession working as in-house counsel, government attorneys, and law firm associates and partners. 

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