Courts Collaborate with Clerks, National Center on Records Management Training

By Christopher Hansard, Assistant Director for Research and Regulatory

The Judicial Council/Administrative Office of the Courts (JC/AOC) has been awarded a $30,000 curriculum adaptation and training grant by the State Justice Institute. The grant will be used to develop training for clerks, judges, and court administrators on the creation, maintenance, and disposition of paper and electronic records. Collaborating with the JC/AOC on the grant are the Metropolitan Court Clerks’ Association of Georgia and the National Center for State Courts (NCSC).

At this time, the judicial branch does not have training available to courts on how to implement record retention practices, which is important in a changing media environment.  Although e-filing and digital document systems are increasing the speed and efficiency of record keeping in the courts, these systems also have created new challenges. As more and more Georgia courts move to doing business electronically, they will have a critical need for records management training.

The Metropolitan Court Clerks’ Association (MCCA), a group comprised on Superior Court Clerks in metropolitan areas in Georgia, is aware of the shift from paper to electronic records and is eager to develop training to assist their members. Superior Court Clerks are the elected officials charged with preserving court records. The MCCA is working hard to develop adequate training to ensure clerks are up-to-date in this ever-changing digital environment.

“Managing and preserving electronic records is a vital task, and so the training we’re developing will help courts train their employees in what is an increasingly complex records system,” says Nial Raaen, NCSC consultant. This grant provides the perfect opportunity for court stakeholders to collaborate on training materials that meet the needs of Georgia’s transitioning courts.

The grant was awarded in December 2014. A joint steering committee met in January 2015 to determine a project plan. Training materials should be completed in late summer in order to be presented at various gatherings of clerks, judges, and court administrators in the fall.

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