Haunted Courthouses

Cooler temperatures have set in. Halloween is on its way. Hauntings are on everyone’s mind. Noises in the Courthouse basement, whispered warnings of a 60 year old shooting, and a clock that doesn’t seem to keep time no matter what. These are just of few of Georgia’s haunted courthouses:
DeKalb County – The county’s historic courthouse is said to have a stairwell where a prisoner in chains haunts the building.
Georgia Ghosts by Nancy Roberts.
White County – A tall, hooded figure is often seen in the windows of the courthouse balcony in Dahlonega. Other haunting-related incidences include noises from the attic and basement.
From the shadowlands.net.
altAtkinson County – Locals tell the story of a man hanged in the clock tower during construction of the courthouse. The clock doesn’t keep the correct time, even though it is now a digital clock.
From Ghosts of America.
Floyd County – In 1951, the Floyd County Courthouse was the setting for a murder. During a divorce case, the wife shot and killed her husband’s mistress.  It’s been reported that faint gunshots, heavy footsteps, and the faint voices can be heard.
From http://hauntedearthghostvideos.blogspot.com

Is your local courthouse haunted? Send your stories to ashley.stollar@gaaoc.us to report your courthouse.

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