Judicial Council Actions

The Judicial Council met at the Jekyll Island Club on Jekyll Island on June 4, 2014.
Court Reporting Matters Committee
Presiding Judge Sara Doyle, Court of Appeals, asked the Judicial Council to approve the nominations of Ms. Tiffany Alley, Ms. Julie Brackett, Attorney Elizabeth Fite, and Judge M. Cindy Morris, Superior Court, Conasauga Judicial Circuit, for two-year terms on the Board of Court Reporting.  They were approved. Their terms begin on July 1, 2014.
The Judicial Council also adopted the committee’s recommendation to distribute for public comment the proposed changes to the Court Reporters’ Official Fee Schedule and Rules and Regulations of the Board of Court Reporting.

Statewide Judiciary E-Filing Committee
Justice Harold Melton, Supreme Court of Georgia and Chair of the Statewide Civil E-filing Committee asked the Judicial Council to adopt the latest version of OASIS LegalXML Electronic Court Filing as a standard for E-filing in Georgia.  This recommendation comes after two years of review and work by the Committee.  It is understood that a standard is needed to insure the interoperability of our case management systems and any e-filing solution.  The Judicial Council adopted the standard.
Other Committee Reports
Presiding Judge Doyle reported on the work of the Strategic Planning Implementation Committee.  The Judicial Council Strategic Plan may be accessed at bit.ly/1koByGj.

Judge Jack Partain delivered a report on the history and activities of the Accountability Court Funding Committee: approval to fund113 out of 115 applications for Fiscal Year (FY) 2015, for an expected total of $13.5 million.  Additional funds are being used to provide technical assistance, training and a case management system solution. 
Justice Melton, reporting on behalf of the Budget Committee, noted that six white papers had been received for FY 2016 enhancement requests.  The Committee will meet on August ?? to finalize the Judicial Council FY2016 request.
Access to Courts Wizard
            Ms. Sharon Reiss, Executive Director, Council of Magistrate Court Judges, presented a follow-up report on the Access to Courts Wizard an online self-help to for litigants in magistrate court.
Director’s Report
            Ms. Moore, AOC Director, reported on several projects of the AOC including the civil e-filing system developed to support the GAJE Project which was recently certified by the Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute, making it the first judicial program to receive the distinction. Other projects that the AOC is working on include Strategic Planning Implementation, CourTools, and Workload Assessment and Circuit Boundaries Studies.
New Members
The Council welcomed the following new members:

  • Chief Judge Brenda S. Weaver, President-Elect, Council of Superior Court Judges
  • Judge John B. Sumner, President Elect, Council of Juvenile Court Judges
  • Judge Don E. Wilkes, President Elect, Council of Probate Court Judges

The Council said farewell to:

  • Judge Linda Cowen, President, Council of State Court Judges
  • Judge Betsey Kidwell, President, Council of Magistrate Court Judges
  •  Judge Arch W. McGarity, 6th District Administrative Judge
  • Judge James G. Bodiford, 7th District Administrative Judge

The next Judicial Council meeting will be held from 1 pm to 5 pm on September 25, 2014, at the Carter Center in Atlanta, GA.

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