Judicial Council Moves Court Reporting Policies and Fee Schedule for Public Comment.

Presiding Judge Sara Doyle presented the finalized proposal for court reporting policies and fee schedule, asking the Judicial Council approve their distribution for public comment. The Judicial Council approved the committee’s request.  The comment period began June 24 and will run through August 1, in order to receive feedback and allow for necessary changes to be made. The revised policy and fee schedule will be presented to the Judicial Council in September for adoption.
Among the proposed changes are:

• Transcripts – shall be produced in searchable portable document format (.pdf), or another approved electronic format with document search capability, and filed with the clerk of court in a medium that can be stored electronically following a specific format and style.

• Takedown - shall be taken in all death penalty cases and felony cases including guilty pleas, all evidence in trials, motions for new trials, probation revocation.  In misdemeanor cases guilty pleas and, at the request of court or counsel may be taken in pretrial motions, evidence, motions for new trial, or probation revocation.
• Preparation and filing of a transcript: all proceedings in death penalty cases shall be prepared and filed; felony trials, jury or non-jury, resulting in a guilty verdict shall be prepared and filed. Other transcripts shall be produced at the request of court, counsel, or defendant.
• Documentation of Evidence - the case transcript shall include all evidence (exhibits) in digital format.
• Certified Transcript/Public Record - in all criminal cases, when a transcript is required or requested to be prepared, it shall be filed with the clerk of court immediately upon completion and certification. Once filed, the transcript is a public record (O.C.G.A. § 50-18-70), and copies may be provided at the rate determined by the clerk or by law as any other public record; provides for deadlines
• Digital recording of Court Proceedings – provides for:  instances where digital recording is acceptable, licensing for digital monitors, and standard operating procedures and rules.
•Realtime recording – provides qualifications, application, and standard operating procedures and rules.
• A sample invoice.
• The updated Fee Schedule (below).


The proposed changes can be viewed at http://bit.ly/1nDC7YQ

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