In Memoriam

• Former Judge Carson Shafer of Powder Springs died on February 10, 2015.  Judge Shafer, a World War II veteran, served as judge of the City Court Atlanta for 42 years. During his tenure as Chief Judge of the City Court of Atlanta, Judge Shafer implemented a variety of programs that increased the efficiency of the courts including creating an Amnesty Program, a Warrant Division, and a Failure To Appear Court.  Also, payment for traffic fines online were introduced during Judge Shafer’s tenure as Chief Judge. 
• Senior Judge Whitfield R. Forrester practiced law 32 years prior to his 1980 appointment as judge to the Superior Court bench in the Cordele Judicial Circuit, a post he held for 24 years. Judge Whitfield R. Forrester of Cordele died on January 7, 2015. The World War II veteran served another 10 years a senior judge before his death. 

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