New Council Leadership Roles for Many Georgia Judges

Every class of Georgia's trial courts has or will have a new president this year. Below we have overview of who is coming in to each Council's top position.  

Training offered by the Georgia Commission on Child Support

The Georgia Commission on Child Support offers legal training year round to any and all who are interested; however, there is a particular focus on offering as many free-to-attend seminars as possible once the smoke has cleared from the legislative session. Since our last Courts Journal issue the Commission staff has offered three CLE approved training sessions across the state with many more upcoming.

Round up of Law Day Activities - 2019

A Day in the Life of a Magistrate Judge: Judge Joyette Holmes

The magistrate courts of Georgia are commonly referred to as the "court of first resort" or "the people's court." They issue warrants, hear minor criminal offenses, and handle cases of civil claims involving amounts of $15,000 dollars or less. In Georgia, magistrate court judges can be designated to conduct cases as a superior court judge to assist the higher court in dispensing justice in an efficient  manner.


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