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By Pat Buonodono

The first time I visited the Georgia Justice Project, it was located in a tiny, cluttered office and had – maybe – three employees.  Having worked at a big, fancy law firm, I thought “this is a law office?”  But when I met Doug Ammar, who is now the long-standing Executive Director of GJP, everything changed. 

Middle Judicial Circuit Hosts "Day on the Bench"

Judge Kathy Palmer and Chief Justice Hines

Year End Video Recap

Year end video recap of the Judicial Council activities for 2017.



Promoting Accessibility and Transparency in the Courts - Round up

Following the August 8, 2017, Judicial Council meeting, Chief Judge Stephen Dillard, Judge Jason B. Thompson, and Chief Judge Allen Wigington discussed the usefulness and utility of social media regarding access and tranparency in the courts.

The full panel discussion can be found here

Smaller videos can be found here.



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