Policy for Judgeship and Circuit Boundary Studies Revision

On December 16, 2014, the Judicial Council approved revisions to the Judicial Council Policy for Judgeship and Circuit Boundary Studies. The Policy governs the process by which circuits receive Judicial Council support for additional state-funded judgeships, and its revision was requested as part of the Chief Justice’s charge to the Judicial Workload Assessment Committee in September 2013. After over a year’s work, the Committee approved the final draft for the Council’s consideration.
The revised policy accomplishes several goals. As some parts of the Policy were close to twenty year’s old, many of the terms and guidelines were obsolete. Those parts have been removed or updated to reflect the current state of Georgia’s judiciary. The new Policy codifies officially many of the informal Council and Administrative Office practices, eliminating questions and ambiguity about proper procedure. Since 2000, Georgia has taken the lead on workload assessment from the National Center for State Courts. The new Policy updates the workload methodology to ensure it conforms to National Center for State Courts best practices. Finally, the objective terms and values used by staff to conduct the workload assessment are now officially part of the Policy, increasing transparency in the workload assessment process.
The Policy will be used for this year’s annual workload assessment. Official copies of the Policy are being incorporated into the next iteration of the Judicial Council Members’ Guide. For questions regarding judicial workload assessment and the Policy, contact Christopher Hansard at the Office of Research, Planning, and Data Analysis at christopher.hansard@georgiacourts.gov or 404-463-1871.

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