April 2012

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Partnership between AOC and GDOE has posters flying off shelves


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For many years, the AOC has embedded videos into web pages it hosts. Those viewing these embedded videos have commented on the slow loading and playing they have encountered. To addresses these issues, the AOC now houses its video content with Brightcove, a leading global provider of cloud content services.  Brightcove automatically converts the videos for view on most Internet-enable devises including iPad, iPhone, Android, Macs, and PCs.


Pop Quiz

Did you know: 

December's answer: The state's first circuits (Eastern and Western) were created in 1789.

April's answer: In a 2001 episode of JAG, the Judicial Building in Atlanta was the stand-in for a courthouse in Virginia.


Georgia Legal Services Sets 2012 Priorities, Limits

Low-income Georgians outside of metro-Atlanta served by Georgia Legal Services

By Phyllis J. Holmen
Executive Director, Georgia Legal Services Program



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Pop Quiz

In 2002, Judge Ben Studdard competed on Jeopardy! Can you answer the Final Jeopardy question he couldn't?

Category: U.S. Stamps.

Clue: In late October, 2001, Tony Curtis and Lance Burton unveiled the new stamp honoring this person.

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