August 2017

Sonny Seiler Recalls First Judicial Council

Mr. Sonny Seiler, an original member of the 1973 Judicial Council, recounted his time on the Council at the April 2017 Judicial Council meeting. Mr. Seiler also owns a certain mascot for the University of Georgia.



New Leadership for Court Councils

Council of Superior Court Judges

Judge Kathy S. Palmer

Judge Stephen Kelley

Council of State Court Judges

Judge H. Gregory Fowler

Judge Nancy Bills

Council of Juvenile Court Judges
Judge James R. Whitfield

Judge Philip Spivey

Council of Probate Court Judges

Judge Rooney Bowen, III


Judge Sarah Harris


Awards - August 2017

Judge John CarboOn May 18, 2017, the Council of State Court Judges recognized Senior Judge John Carbo, at left, with its Ogden Doremus/Kent Lawrence Award.


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