October 2018

Judge Cassandra Kirk Hosts a Training Session for High Volume Courtrooms

Fulton County Chief Magistrate Cassandra Kirk is no stranger to the problems and challenges that arise while managing a high volume courtroom. In August she hosted a class instructed by Minnesota Magistrate Kevin S. Burke titled Overcoming Volume and Procedural Fairness.


New Member of the Supreme Court of Georgia, Justice Charlie Bethel

Transitions September/October 2018

Chief Judge Michael L. Murphy of the Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit submitted his letter of resignation on September, 28, 2018; accepted by Governor Deal on October 3rd, effective November 1st. 

Judge Doris L. Downs of the Atlanta Judicial Circuit submitted her letter of resignation on September 11, 2018. Governor Deal accepted Judge Downs’ resignation on September 25, 2018, effective October 31, 2018. Judge Downs was appointed as a Senior Judge of the Superior Courts of Georgia on October 31, 2018. 

An Outsider’s Reflection on the Georgia Juvenile Courts and Justice for Children

By:     Martha Guraro  

Martha GuraroMs. Martha Guraro comes from Ethiopia - a nation in the Eastern Africa Region well-known for being the birth place of great coffee.  Martha had a summer fellowship within the JC/AOC, Division of Communications, Children, Families and the Courts.


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