Transitions - August 2018

Judge Alford Dempsey• Judge Alford Dempsey, Jr, Superior Court, Atlanta Judicial Circuit, retired on June 1, 2018. Judge Dempsey was appointed by Gov. Zell Miller in 1995; he assumed senior status upon his retirement.

Transitions - April 2018

• Judge Elizabeth Branch was confirmed by the US Senate to a post of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals on February 27, 2018.  Judge Branch was appointed to the Court of Appeals of Georgia in 2012.

Transitions - December 2017

• Judge Thomas Baxley, Superior Courts, Pataula Judicial Circuit, retired on November 1, 2017. Judge Baxley was appointed in 2014, prior to which he had served as judge of the State Court of Early County.


Sandy Lee, Executive Director, Council of Superior Court Judges, retired on December 1, 2017.


• Several judges will retire on December 31, 2017 including:

Judge Frank Jordan, Superior Courts, Chattahoochee Juicial Circuit;


Judge David Roper, Superior Courts, Augusta Judicial Circuit, retired on February 5, 2017.  Judge Roper was elected in 2006 to the superior court bench. He was recently appointed senior judge.

Judge Jeryl Rosh, Probate Court of DeKalb County, retired on March 1, 2017. Judge Rosh had served as Judge of the Probate Court since 2003, prior to which she served as law clerk.


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