• Judge Jack E. Carney, State Court of Bryan County, retired on May 31, 2016, after 23 years on the bench.  Gov. Nathan Deal has appointed him as senior judge.


On June 30, 2016, Judge Juanita Stedman, Juvenile Court of Cobb County, retired from the bench after nearly 16 years.  Judge Stedman was the leading force behind the Cobb Juvenile Drug Court and the Cobb Family Treatment Court which have both been recognized as model courts. Gov. Nathan Deal has appointed her to serve as a senior judge.


Judge Walter Matthews, Superior Court, Rome Judicial Circuit, will retire on September 1, 2016, after serving 28 years as superior court judge. Appointed in 1988, Judge Matthews has been active on the Council of Superior Court Judges as the Administrative Judge for the Seventh District (1994-1996) and as President (2001-2002). He served twice on the Judicial Council.


After 31 years on the bench, Judge Jon B. Wood, Superior Courts, Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit, will retire on September 30, 2016.  Judge Wood began his legal career as an assistant district attorney; he was appointed to the superior court bench in 1985.  From 2004-2005, Judge Wood served as the as the Administrative Judge for the Seventh District and served on the Judicial Council during those years.


Presiding Judge Herbert Phipps, Court of Appeals of Georgia, has announced his retirement after 36 years of judicial service. Judge Phipps will retire on November 30, 2016, prior to his 75th birthday.  Judge Phipps was appointed as a part-time magistrate and Associate Judge of the State Court of Dougherty County in 1980. He has also served on the juvenile and superior court benches before being appointed to the Court of Appeals in 1999.


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